Our skirting boards are jewels set in valuable environments

The uniqueness of raw material meets the uniqueness of design

Skirting boards in marble, stone and travertine with traditional, shaped and customized profiles, create the perfect encounter between the charm of natural stone and the design of residential, commercial or hotel interior environments. Our skirting boards are details that allow you to make your project unique and to embellish it with discreet elements of great charm and value. From the simplest finishes of standard skirting boards to the more elaborate designs of shaped skirting boards, the aesthetic possibilities are endless and guarantee the added value offered by natural stones.

Skirting boards provide high-profile designs and timeless charm that make any setting and any kind of decor special. Unassailable by the passage of time and fashion, they draw elegant borders and embellish everything they embrace elegantly. Skirting boards made of precious natural stones are the small detail of great value.

Skirting boards embedded in a valuable environment

 marble, stone and travertine skirting techniques

We work and finish the skirting boards to give your projects full aesthetic performance, with excellence and charm in every detail. We select the raw material and process every creation in the company to offer you a guarantee of long experience, of the most advanced technology, applied with state-of-the-art machinery. Each block of marble, stone and travertine is thus carefully selected: we only process raw material perfectly free from imperfections, to allow natural stone to fully express its potential of excellence. You can choose among the many profiles of skirting boards available from the standard line and the shaped line, or request customization for even more tailor-made products and a jewel set for perfection in your environments