Frames in natural stone: perfection in every detail

Stone, marble and travertine for exclusive profiles

Our marble frames, in stone and travertine enhance wall claddings, boiserie, mirrors, doors and fireplaces adding prestige to any interior environment. Designs, created for frames, adaptable to any project and customizable, bring to light all the elegance of natural stone. The variety of raw materials and shapes allow frames to adapt to any kind of environment, enhancing the most sought-after designs, both minimalist and contemporary.

We select the blocks of marble, stone and travertine which undergo processing in the company to offer the most elegant frames that nature can give. Finishing and detailing make each frame an element of value and value with which to decorate every interior. Natural stone frames can be modeled on essential or more elaborate lines to fit in any project.

Cornice Bombato

profilo cornice bombato per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

A soft line and a slight rounded characterize this classic, simple and aesthetically versatile fit.

Cornice Edera Bis

profilo cornice edera per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

The refinement of the stone meets that of classic design, for sophisticated spaces and for a harmonic finish that gives a classical note to the environments.

Cornice Eritage

profilo cornice eritage per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

The soft lines of the Eritage frame make it an elegant example of a harmonious balance between essentiality and classic finishes, which emphasizes with delicacy all the art hidden in the stone.

Cornice Karma

profilo cornice Karma per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

Sinuous lines and an exceptionally classic taste for the Karma frame, ready to give shape to the most precious natural stones.

Cornice London

profilo cornice london per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

The London frame develops with a slim profile and a light line ending in an elegant rounded.

Cornice Matita

profilo cornice matita per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

A discrete frame with a rounded shape allows the stone to impose all its charm in a natural way.

Cornice Moderno

profilo per cornice moderno per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

The charm of rigor is fully expressed by the three-dimensional frame, ideal for enhancing contemporary design environments. 

Cornice Onda

profilo cornice onda per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

Delicate waves travel through the frame and give balance and delicacy to its profile, for elegance to survive in every fashion.

Cornice Sigaro

profilo cornice sigaro per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

A rounded profile for refined finishes, where the essence of form leaves full space to the beauty of natural stone.

Cornice Toro 1 gradino F

profilo per cornice toro a un gradino per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

A profile that captures attention, for a frame that enhances environments with its decisive character.

Cornice Toro 2 gradini

profilo per cornice toro a due gradini per pareti, camini, specchi, porte.

Softness and rigor are met in the Toro a 2 gradini frame, with a development that catches the eye and guides it along the fascinating shades of the stone.  Strictness and softness