Indoor and Outdoor travertine floors

All the charm of a millennial tradition, shades and chromatic harmony, designed to make the most modern and design environment unique and special. With travertine floors, each environment acquires value and keeps it eternally. Incredibly versatile, travertine lends itself to detailed processing and different finishes, polish or smooth, depending on the aesthetic requirements and floor laying techniques for interior and exterior floors. The finish exalts the natural features of the stone, respecting its identity.

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    Indoor travertine floors

    Interior travertine tiles create elegant contrasts in contemporary design environments, as well as environments with the most rustic characteristics, while chromatic nuances elevate this natural stone to artistic expression with the charm that is able to traverse undamaged all fashion and trends. The indoor travertine floor offers a satisfying and unique visual experience: It is impossible to reproduce the chromatic variations that develop into each slab and tile. Every floor is an experience that cannot be recreated.

  • travertine floor tiles for outdoor

    Outdoor travertine floors

    Outdoor travertine floors require at least as much resistance they do the need for elegance: travertine satisfies both conditions by elevating the floors outside the rank of art expressions.

Explore our unique and elegant travertine floors

Uniqueness is the most precious feature of natural stone and travertine. Attentive processing allows bringing to light all the beauty and the chromatic non-reproducibility of the individual slabs of raw material, appropriately transformed into refined and elegant floor tiles. Discover our travertine, all the finishing and usage possibilities..