With shaped skirting boards, the precious stone becomes art

Profiles and skirting finishes to enhance every environment

A touch of art, elegance and personality expressed not only through colors, nuances and veins, but also through the games of forms and lines: shaped skirting boards allow the completion and perfection of an environment by giving it all the value of unique and non-repeatable beauty that characterizes marble, stone and travertine. They can also be customized in shape, for a customized product that exalts the space in which it is inserted. To ensure the excellence of form, we seek excellence at every stage: we select only natural stone blocks without imperfections and with the greatest aesthetic potential and we perform the finishings in the company, taking advantage of the long experience gained over the decades and bringing it to the use of state-of-the-art machinery. Thus, in our shaped stone, marble and travertine skirting, the perfection of form meets the perfection of matter for a result of pure excellence.

Shape A

 shaped A-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

The classic shape of the shaped skirting fully exploits all the potential of the stone, free to express its full beauty. 

Shape B

profilo zoccolino sagomato di tipo B e battiscopa per pavimenti

The skirting board has a sophisticated profile, discreet beauty and adds a perceptible value throughout the environment.

Shape C

 shaped C-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

A profile of particular elegance, with a rounded development suitable for adding value and dynamism to the environments.

Shape D

 shaped D-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

The essential line of the skirting becomes rounded, in perfect balance between artistic expression and strictness.

Shape E

 shaped E-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

The lines of classic taste give it a refined taste and awaken a secular charm, rich in prestige.   

Shape F

 shaped F-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

Soft and harmonious lines accompany the natural stone and enhance its shades, elegant environments and give a touch of art.

Shape G

 shaped G-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

Finished and contoured elegant skirting board for classic or modern environments.  

Shape H

 shaped H-shaped skirt profile and floor skirting boards

Geometric rigidity and classical elegance, the contour lines of the shaped skirting board enhance the vein of the stone.  

Stone, marble and travertine for shaped skirting boards

We make marble, stone and travertine skirting boards by directly selecting the best marble from the Apuan Alps. We select only the most valuable natural raw material coming from the best Italian and world quarries. Explore our proposals to find out how to add value to your project.