Natural stones selected and processed by our company

From raw beauty to refined elegance of the finished product.

The location of our company, at the foot of the Apuan Alps, between Lucca, Carrara and Pietrasanta offers us a privileged outpost in selecting the best natural stones and the best blocks directly in the quarry. We only process marble blocks and slabs, stone and travertine with the best technical and aesthetic features. Each cladding, floor, slab, semi-finished or finished product thus becomes a unique and unrepeatable exemplar. We offer our advice on the selection and processing of natural stones that are most suitable for any kind of design for interior and exterior, ensuring maximum reliability in the long term.

How to appreciate the charm of natural stones

 natural stone processing equipment

The purchase of the Aupuan marbles takes place through selection directly in the quarry, then to be stored in the company. Here we take care of the raw material through cutting, calibration and finishing made according to the intended use of the material and its specific characteristics.

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