Natural stone floors: marble, stone and travertine

How to make marble charms for interior and exterior flooring

Natural stone floors enrich any interior or exterior style, enhancing their value. The natural elegance of the stone gives refinement to interior floors and exterior floors, while the vein and color varieties of marble, stone and travertine make it possible to create works of art as a result of the encounter between natural beauty and technological skill.

Available with different finishes and molded to allow natural stones fully express their charm, marble, stone and travertine tiles have eternal elegance and value. From the accurately selected raw material we extract all the elegance and refinement already naturally present in it, keeping it intact in the finished product and bringing it completely to light. We only select blocks and slabs with the best technical and expressive features.

The natural stone floors for interior and exterior give each room a distinctive identity, unique, impossible to match or replicate. From classic to contemporary design, tiles meet any need, bringing the artistic expression to levels of excellence.

What makes our natural stone floors special

natural stone flooring for interior and exterior

Natural stone floors for interior and exterior are free artwork from the chains of the time. They are tiles from the eternal beauty, born from the scrupulous selection of marble, stone and travertine, and the work done entirely in the company starting with cutting the blocks with block cutter and gangsaw. Natural stone is then saw cut with automatic installations to obtain tiles and skirtings and then they are processed to obtain a smooth, brushed or polished finishing depending on the technical and aesthetic requirements. Finally, the finished tiles are packed box by box, and numbered.