Skirting boards in natural stone: beauty is in the detail

Timeless classicism of marble, stone and travertine skirting boards

Our skirting boards in natural stone are the detail that gives value to any environment. Simple lines, rational design and all the essential taste of class: a history of excellence to go with the look and live as a unique adventure, unable to repeat. Fully customizable in style and finishing, as well as in height, length and thickness, traditional natural stone skirting boards are precious elements that can fit in harmoniously and enrich every room in the home.

Bevelled Edge

 contoured skirting board bordering marble, stone and travertine

The essential line and rigorous cut make the standard skirting board ideal for classic environments, but also for contemporary design.

Rounded Edge

 marble, stone and travertine rounded skirting board

All the elegance of natural stone finds the utmost expression in the timeless simplicity and refinement of this rounded skirting board.

Stone, marble and travertine for standard skirting boards

We carefully select the marble, stone and travertine with which we make our traditional skirting boards. We do not limit ourselves to selecting the varieties, but we analyze block per block, to find only the best portions of the noble stones and to enhance their elegance through accurate processing in every detail.

Explore all our natural stones and select the best material for skirting boards of great elegance and value.