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We select the best natural stones to enhance your ideas

Are you a designer or an architect? Do you have projects to develop, but you aren’t sure how to select marble, stone or travertine best suitable to add value and to provide the best technical and aesthetic solution? Send us your project and ask for building consulting, we will join you in the decision-making process by directly selecting for you the best raw materials in the quarries and guaranteeing you a workmanship of excellence to bring to light all the value of the natural stone.

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    How does Rielli building advice work?

    Building Consultancy for interior and exterior designs for laying floors and cladding

    The strength of the company Rielli lies in the craftsmanship cultivated generation after generation. We make available the techniques and knowledge developed over the decades to help you achieve a timeless project thanks to the best natural stones and proximity to Carrara's territory Quarries. Send us your project and ask for a building consulting, contact us or visit us directly at the company.

    We help you identify the raw materials and finishes that give you the most value, to let your creative inspiration and the charm of the natural stone you choose be the best. After the building consulting, we do the selection of raw materials and finishings for you by taking care of the entire production path within our company. We take advantage of the best cutting edge machinery to ensure a perfect result and fast delivery.