Three-dimensional claddings: the beauty rules the space

Three-dimensional panels for design walls

Marble elegance gains the third dimension. The three-dimensional indoor cladding from our exclusive Diamond Line enriches the natural stone with dynamism and charm. 3D claddings are made of natural stone pieces that are uniquely original and selected to take the form of real chromatic symphonies on interior walls. Light and shadows enrich the nuances and make the walls live, dynamic, in perpetual motion; no more objects to admire but experiences to live. We work with natural stone to create perfect three-dimensional claddings to give an unexpected touch to classical environments and to enhance the prestige of the most contemporary environments.


  • three dimensional coverings for indoor walls in marble, stone and travertine


    Finely worked, three-dimensional claddings make geometry an art that expresses itself on the inner walls and interacts with the light sources of the environment. Natural stone thus creates a living environment with infinite faces. The Diamond Line's three-dimensional tile can be applied to any type of interior wall and in any environment, furnishing as the most elegant design elements and affirming itself as undisputed and refined protagonists of the interior design. The expressive power of the Diamond Line immediately affects the eye: the claddings proposed are declinable in many variations and are always made unique by the design and the non-reproducibility of the raw material.

Looking for a refined and precious design? Discover the diamond line

Our exclusive Diamond Line for three-dimensional indoor cladding is made using top quality marble, stone and travertine, selected from the quarries of the Apuan Alps and the best quarries in the world to ensure extreme beauty. The natural material offers tactile sensations enriching visually and recalling the rippling of the water, the reliefs of the mountains, giving artistic expression to the beauty of the natural world.